9.1.18 Quiz

This week’s winner was Alathea!

How many would you have got correct?

Q1. If Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday what day will New Year’s Day be on?

Q2. What is the main colour of Mickey Mouse’s sorcerer’s hat?

Q3. In the Wizard of Oz who does Dorothy meet immediately after the scarecrow?

Q4. How many legs do 7 insects have?

Q5. The Rockerfeller Center is found in which city?

Q6. What date is Valentine’s Day?

Q7. What is the name of your two front teeth?

Q8. How many Kkgs in 1 million grammes?

Q9. What would you find inside a sarcophagus?

Q10. Reaarange these letters to form a time of the year YERAFBUR?


Q1. Tuesday Q2. Blue Q3. Tin Man. Q4. 42. Q5. New York. Q6. 14th February. Q7. Incisors. Q8. 1000. Q9. A mummy Q10. February

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A happy new year to you all and welcome back to what will be another busy term for PE and sport at Balby Central. Please look next week’s post which will inform you about upcoming school fixtures and extra-curricular opportunities for your children in school.

There is a slight change in the PE lesson timetable this term. Y3 PE is now on Thursday and all Y5/6 classes have PE on Friday. Please ensure your child has their PE kits on the following days:

Monday: Reception (Sapphire and Emerald) (no PE kit required)

Tuesday: Year 4 (Blue and Indigo)

Wednesday: Year 2 (Crimson and Scarlet)

Thursday: Year 1 (Purple and White), Year 3 (Violet and Ruby)

Friday: Year 5/6 (Cobalt, Burgundy, Lime, Maroon)


Many thanks,

Mr Wilson


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21.12.17 – Great end to 2017!

It has been a great end to the first term at Balby Central celebrating Christmas and we have even managed to fit in a bit of sport! Last week our KS2 dancers put on a great show for parents and carers showing off their great routines they have worked tirelessly on over the past half term. This was accompanied by Balby Voices who sang beautifully! Big thanks go to Mrs Hodgson, Miss Eaton, Miss Bedford and all the volunteers involved to help prepare!


On the playground, intra-school sport has been getting tense with some cracking finals! Alfie and Jacob took the Y5/6 Badminton title in a close contest. Meanwhile team Tornadoes were crowned Y4 basketball champions, in a tense victory over team smash, 4-2. More to look forward to tomorrow morning, with the Y3 Football final kicking off at morning break time (The Powers V Footdown) and our badminton champions take on their biggest challenge yet, Mr Mynett and Mr Short.

Many thanks to all the children involved over the last term in all sports and physical activity in and outside of school. Special thanks to all staff working hard at clubs and parents for your support at fixtures. We look forward to continued success and participation in 2018! Merry Christmas!

Mr Wilson

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Previous Years – PE



Previous Years


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5.12.17 Christmas Quiz

This week’s winning team was ‘Pom Pom Squad’ with 7 out of 10.

How many would you have got correct?

Q1. What did the 2nd wise man bring for baby Jesus?

Q2. Who was the king that wanted to kill baby Jesus?

Q3. How many days from Christmas Day to New Year’s Day?

Q4. On Christmas Day what would you find a joke inside of?

Q5. How many doors do you traditionally open on an advent calendar?

Q6. How many days are there in the month of December?

Q7. Which fictional character has the famous catchphrase ‘Bah Humbug’?

Q8. In which language is Santa known as Pere Noel?

Q9. In which town, beginning with N, was Jesus raised as a child?

Q10. Santa is also known as Saint…?


Q1. Frankincense Q2. King Herod. Q3. 7. Q4. Cracker. Q5. 24. Q6. 31. Q7. Scrooge. Q8. French. Q9. Nazareth. Q10. Nicholas

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4.11.17 – Talented dancers and further football success!

Another busy couple of weeks for PE and sport at Balby Central. Year 4/5/6 children were fortunate enough to take part in a ballet workshop last Monday with the Northern Ballet school. All the children tried their best and enjoyed the chance to take part in an activity which was new to many. Many thanks to Mrs Hodgson  for organising the visit and a huge congratulations to those children who have been invited along to additional sessions! We clearly have some very enthusiastic and talented dancers!


Last Wednesday a group of Y3/4/5 pupils travelled to Badsworth  primary school for their first friendly football fixture of the year. Our Y3/4 team played brilliantly to win 8-2, whilst the Y4/5 team won what was a very tight and tense game, 2-1. All players were exceptional, playing well together as a team, with some moments of brilliance to score a number of goals.

Attention now turns to intra-school sports competitions as we get closer to the finals! (Y3- Football,Y4 – Basketball, Y5/6 – Badminton)

Mr Wilson



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28.11.17 Quiz

This week’s winners was again ‘Pretty Little Things’ with 7 out of 10. Pom Pom Squad also got 7 out of 10 so it went to a tie-break question which was “In which year did Prince Charles and Diana get married?”

How many would you have got correct?

Q1. In the song ’12 Days of Christmas’ how many gold rings were given?

Q2. Which Royal has got engaged this week?

Q3. 1st December marks the start of what in the Christian calendar?

Q4. Florence Nightingale was known as the Lady with the…?

Q5. In Harry Potter, the Triwizard Tournament is traditionally a tournament between how many wizards?

Q6. Who is Batman’s sidekick?

Q7. How many faces do 4 square-based pyramids have?

Q8. California is on the East side of America. True or false?

Q9. Rearrange these letters to make a fruit traditionally found in a Christmas stocking. STUMASA

Q10. What word beginning with E describes the process that happens to the water when a puddle dries up?



Q1. 5 Q2. Prince Harry. Q3. Advent. Q4. Lamp. Q5. 3. Q6. Robin. Q7. 20. Q8. False. Q9. Satsuma. Q10. Evaporation

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