Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club

Please note – even if your child currently has a place on the Breakfast Club, you need to reapply for September 2017. No child’s place will continue from this school year into the next.

For all our pupils Breakfast Club is held in the Hall with a maximum capacity of 120 places. You will need to take your child to the main office for 8.00 am prompt. We understand that this may cause a few logistical problems for some parents but we feel this is the best possible way to offer the Breakfast Club to more families.

We are aware that this service is very popular so we ask that your child must attend Breakfast Club every morning that they are in school. If your child doesn’t attend Breakfast Club for 3 consecutive days their place will be allocated to a child on the waiting list. This does not apply if your child is absent due to illness.

Breakfast Club Balby

Each week we offer lots of nutritious and delicious food for our children to choose for breakfast, this wonderful service is provided by the Greggs Foundation. Greggs, not only support us financially, they also provide scrumptious, freshly baked bread weekly! Each morning we provide a selection of food for breakfast and such as: cereals, toast (choice of topping) fresh fruit juice, fruit, milk, yoghurt and crumpets. Due to the way in which this is funded, we can offer this service free of charge.

Not only does Breakfast Club provide a nutritious start to the day the children take part in a fantastic ‘shake up’ part of the morning. After breakfast the children can take part in an exercise routine to ‘Wake up and Shake up’ those brain cells ready for a fun day of learning! This includes dance routines and other fun physical activities. The best part is this service is FREE for all parents!

This fabulous service would not be possible without Greggs but also the volunteers that help each morning, Greggs specifically ask for a commitment from volunteers to help in Breakfast Club, this is a condition that we have to meet in order for us to keep this service they provide. If you, or any one you know such as friends, family or even neighbours who are willing to spare some time each morning please ask them to get in touch with school. We would love to hear from you!